Broderie Anglaise Summer Top

Broderie Anglaise is very trendy this summer. And it is for a reason. You can create a youthful look for any age. It is comfortable to cut, to sew and to wear. And, last but not least, it is a fabric which belongs to this boho-romantic kind of chic almost everybody loves to wear, and definitely everybody looks good wearing it. So! Why not give it a go? I decided to give it a go.

My choice of the fabric was inspired by a make by Andrea who runs the Beyond the Pink Door fabrics online shop. I follow her on Instagram and Youtube and I learn a lot from her. Of course I like to buy and sew from the fabrics she sells, the quality is really good and the selection is just gorgeous! And it feels so lovely to wear! Let´s have look at my Broderie Anglaise purchased there:

My choice was Rosie Eyelet Broderie Anglais Cotton in white colour. There is no more of this particular type in the shop at the moment, but no worries. Now Andrea has such a stunning selection of Broderie Anglaise fabrics and in different colours. I would buy more…

As I have said before, it is so easy to work with! The pattern helps you cut out your parts evenly and there are hardly any chances to make a mistake. It is also so easy to sew on the machine too. So my make was a fast track:

As you can see, it is evenly executed thanks to the embroidered pattern of the fabric. It was so helpful for me, just comfortable to work with! In the pictures above you can see some purple spots of the marker I use to draw. That is not a problem, it comes off with time, and if you are in a hurry, you just do the washing and it comes off rapidly.

The Pattern Selection

LOL, in my case it is not difficult to guess. I sew mostly using Burda Style patterns simply because they are available for me. Burda is not extremely expensive, in fact it is quite a frugal way of having patterns. In one issue you get about 15 different patterns for garments, who would like more. The German issues which I buy are well edited and I like to work with them. Unfortunately my German is not enough, but… as with everything I am challenging myself and it works better or worse. I also watch English tutorials on Youtube whenever I have doubts, like with sewing shirt cuffs with buttons or a placket.

The pattern for this blouse was a double pattern for a dress and a blouse in Burda Style, the February issue 2021, Nº 114. It is how it came out:

Nice and easy, isn´t it? I got nice comments for it on my Instagram account, so it definitely made my day when I showed the make 🙂 

Top Made With Some Viscose Remnant

This top has been made with a remnant viscose fabric I had bought last summer online from Sew Me Sunshine and I have already used it for a Summer dress, which you can see here: The First Dress.
I love this fabric: it is soft and smooth, has quite a good drape to it and no texture. It was printed in Japan and it´s noticeable. The print reminds me of brush strokes executed in stunning colous: two shades of blues – turquoise and royal blue (like sapphire), terracotta and black. The background is off-white.
I was not exactly aware of what the remnant would allow me to make. My first idea was to sew a loose Summer skirt, but after cutting out the paper pattern for it I noticed there was not enough of the fabric to match the pattern. I decided to sew a simple T-shirt pattern then, although this fabric is not a knit. Finally the pattern for a simple T-shirt-like top turned out to be a little complicated as I chose a funny neckline:

I chose the Burda Style pattern Nº 114 from July 2020 issue. As you can see all worked but the neckline. There was some problem in the pattern I think and I have not corrected it when I could. So it looks a bit weird, but is wearable 🙂

To be continued…

Sweatshirt, sweater, pullover, jumper… Whatever the name! My first experience with sewing knitted fabric was satisfying.

It is really popular among the home sewers to make T-shirts, sweatshirts and other garments out of knit fabrics. I have seen lots of vlogs and Instagram posts presenting this kind of makes and there are many online and offline patterns for jumpers, T-shirt, sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans, jersey dresses, even pants, leggins and swimsuits. There is also a large selection of jerseys, French terries and sweat fabrics offered in shops on- and offline. But I don´t remember sewing jerseys, or some really unique accidents of sewing knits happened in my life ages ago, I hardly remember anything. So the new idea of sewing a sweater using a sewing machine came, as many nowadays, from the Internet.

When the Winter comes, you strive for cosy things and all the vloggers and Instagrammers promote sweaters and jumpers during this cold season. But as a novice, I was at that time finishing my summer and autumn garments out of the fabrics I purchased before, in the Summer. But I was being tempted. In the November issue of Burda I saw a very easy and nice pattern I liked at first sight and then I was looking for a proper fabric. There came Andrea´s life show on her youtube channel, which she helds every Sunday. Finally, in March, I got my hands on some of beautiful jerseys from her online shop Beyond the Pink Door. And I knew that this mint thick cable knit will be working well together with the Burda Style super easy pattern Nº113_11_2020

And I am absolutely happy with the result! I think it turned out wonderful! I know also that there is another popular pattern which is recommendable for any jersey and works ideally together with this fabric. The final effect is very similar to Burda´s pattern. I am talking about the company Sew House Seven release: The Toaster Sweaters. One or the other will perfect.

My reveal and thoughts about the challenge #FrugalFrocks2021

By the end of February two Youtube sewing vloggers: Ruan, The Yorkshire Sew Girl and Sam, Frugalisama announced an interesting challenge. It was named #FrugalFrocks2021 and everybody who had an Instagram account could take part in it. The task was to sew a dress using a fabric from one´s stash and a free pattern, for instance: printed out from the internet. All the different options of acquiring the pattern were discussed on Youtube channels by sewing vloggers throughout March. You can search Youtube with the hashtag #frugalfrocks2021 and find lots of ideas on how to get a free pattern. I personally digged on the website of Mood Fabrics, which offers a surprisingly large number of free patterns. They look cool, however, I have not tried them out in the end, so I cannot tell whether they are easy to work with. I was indeed thinking about the Cypress Dress from the Mood Fabrics´ web, but after analysing the amount of fabric which I had in my stash, and that required for the Cypres Dress I was afraid it would be not enough. So, have a look at my fabric:

This is one of a few fabrics that I have not bought online. I usually get fabrics from online stores and I am mostly happy with them. This one, however, I have bought in a local fabrics and haberdashery shop. I was surprised one day with this Italian viscose with some percentage of silk (as the shop lady told me). Indeed it looks a bit like satine. The fabric is quite light and very easy to sew! I haven´t expected that! I was quite afraid because it looks like a luxury fabric and think: luxury fabrics should be difficult to cut and sew. But this was not the case! I must say, this fabric is easy.

Having only 2 meters I decided to renounce complicated patterns and chose a simple shirt dress. I find this decision good: the fabric is bold enough so why add a complicated pattern? Besides, this fabric is not especially drapey. I mean: not especially soft and drapy, it is a bit firm (if I may use this word). It is a considerably thin fabric, but quite stiff. So it is easy to cut and sew. In this case I decided to take the first shirt dress pattern I could find on the internet and which was free. It resulted to be Julia Claridge shirt dress from the UK Sew Magazine and I printed it out and cut:

I must say, the parts didn´t match together very well. It was not the printer´s fault: some were matching and some were not. But the pattern was simple enough to mend it while working with the fabric. And so I cut it:

And sewed the parts together, hiding the seams whenever possible, and making some alternations in the original pattern: I didn’t sew the collar, but I added cuffs and I made the dress longer. Then going, going, going… and finally it was done. The last part was to cover the buttons with the same fabric. This was not an easy part because apparently I got some faulty button parts from another local haberdashery. What would I do… I spent at least two hours making covered buttons with what I had. Finally it was done. Believe it or not, it´s another shirt dress in my wardrobe 🙂 Yes, I think I must be a kind of a shirt dress girl…

So, as you can see, this is it. A bold fabric and a simple pattern is a proper option I guess.

I published the photo on my Instagram account on March 31st, as it was required in the challenge. I got a few likes, which made me feel better and believe in myself more, although I still have to learn. I hope to see you soon and reveal a new sewing project.

The Clare Coat, the g&g Sewing Society and loads of lessons learnt

As I probably mentioned in any other place of this blog (or maybe not), I restarted my sewing thanks to a bunch of information learnt from youtube vloggers, who are absolutely amazing ladies and share everything with you online, and for free. I consider them my best friends in sewing even if we don´t know each other. Talking about vloggers would be an endless post because there are hundreds of them. So I will limit this time to the only one related with my make. My painful make. My imperfect make. And a too ambitious make for me, obviously, at this stage. This is how it happened:

In October last year (2020) Lauren Guthrie, the owner of a sewing business which you can see here:, released a package with full equipment to sew a winter wool coat. It included everything: the pattern (CLARE COAT), the fabric (ABRAHAM MOON WOOL), the lining, the interfacing, buttons, threads, needles, and whatever else you needed to sew, plus: after making a purchase you got additional 4 videos from Lauren with profound instructions on how to sew this beautiful coat. And still it was not all at all! You also entered the g&g Sewing Society on Facebook, an exclusive group of women sewers who make clothes or other projects prepared monthly by Lauren. Isn’t it a bewitching prospect? Oh, yes it is! I signed up and got everything as followed, and then waited and matured a couple of months until I started at all!!!
I probably wouldn’t start if not the Facebook posts in the g&g Sewing Society group. About December most of the Society ladies published their makes, their selfmade coats… OMG! It took so long for me to start that even in March I was still in the project…

Of course, you got instructions: those wonderful videos from Lauren which guide you step by step. They are more than helpful. They are just a basic thing you have to see before starting. And it makes this thing possible, surely. To some extent at least. Because what you do not realize, at least being me, is that Lauren is an utterly skillful taylor. And what she does before the camera making a video for you, is not exactly the same you can do yourself. Some of the Sewing Society members can, but I am not the one. I only wish I were.
So, in my case it ended in stitching and ripping and again, and even cutting the lining after it was sewn in. And after ripping, again cutting and adjusting the sleeves, and stitching again.
– Button holes?
– No, thank you.

I knew I would not have any great success with it. At least let it be wereable.

And the days passed, weeks, and months passed… I was finishing the project on March 21st. It took such a long time.

In the Sunday afternoon it was finally done:

Maybe not perfect, but wearable. I was happy to finish it in the end. Let´s celebrate!


The Christmas Dress

The Christmas Dress was the second I have made. But the fabric was the 3rd one in a row, among those I bought recently online. It was 100% Rayon Poplin called Rayon, In Bloom in Gray, Fabric produced by Cotton + Steel Fabrics, which I bought via

You can reed more about this fabric designed by Sylvia Takken for Cotton and Steel here:

Rayon, In Bloom in Gray by Sylvia Takken

Rayon Poplin has perhaps similar soft feel as Rayon Challis, but it has more weight and body. The drape of this fabric is ok, but it is not very drapy indeed. I was diappointed at first. I was terrified with this big image of the pattern and with the kind of stiffness of this fabric which you could compare to a paper…. And only had 2 meters of a narrow rag! What would I do with it? I love dresses, but with a small piece… maybe I´ll make a blouse.

And what happened? The Burda Style Magazin saved me. In November 2020 issue there was one dress and this was the one!

I could guess not much fabric was required to sew it, and also it was quite simple in making and good for a big print! It was just perfect and my fibric turned out just gorgeous, and its stiffness appeared to be an ally when I was cutting it and preparig…

And for Christmass I had one more reason to enjoy! You can see how it came out:

Oh, so sorry for the quality of those photos. I will try to improve in the future, when I would publish something new. I don´t promise, but I´ll try. In the meantime like the georgeus fabric and pattern, I now love the dress.

The First Dress

I started less than a year ago. Lockdown drove me into creativity, I started knitting and I was wondering if I could sew again. When I was a teenage girl, I sewed. My mother taught me. I had sewn many things during many years following my mother example. But within the last two decades I did nothing about sewing. So I had to recover my knowledge and begin again. It was still the summer when I started. I chose to sew a dress and bought a fabric online, of course, because of the pandemic 🙂

This is the fabric I have purchased:

Maya – Viscose – Stof Fabrics

£8.00 per 0.5m
Composition: 100% viscose
Width: 145cm (approximately)
Weight: 120gsm (lightweight)
Drape: Fluid
Opacity: Opaque
Origin: Denmark by Stof Fabrics (printed in Japan/Korea)
Certifications: Oeko-Tex 100 

Isn´t it georgeus? I just love it.

Next I chose the pattern, the dress number 108 from Burda Style Nº 6/2020, which looked like an easy project and suitable for the light-weighted beautiful viscose that I bought. The photo I post here shows the colors in their original look. I love the blues and terracota on it very much, it just charmed me when I saw it on and it has not disappointed me when I received the parcel fro this wonderful online shop. I love the fabric!

Here is how the design looks on the Burda models, the one in red is apparently shorter and petite and the other one is taller. It looks like the same size of the dress is presented by models of different sizes. It is quite important remark to notice because I cut out the pattern too big and

… acually my dress came out a way too big. So I look more like the girl in red than like the one in blue, although I wanted the effect of the blue version.

Nevertheless, I loved the fabrics so much, that I decided to leave the dress the way it was and to wear it proudly:

I know the photos are horrible, but I do not have better ones at the moment, so I leave to one´s imagination the result of my first work.

So, this is it: Athens, bad photos, wonderful fabric and the dress I actually like and I feel good when wearing it. Till next summer!

About me


I have just started, it took over twenty years to come back to sewing and I am enjoying it very much, even if my projects are not perfectly done;
I want to keep and share my makes in one place;
it would be wonderful do see what other people sew. I actually started to follow some sewing vloggers on youtube and instagram, and some other webs and blogs too;

Apart from sewing I have other passions, I am an art historian, I love travels, art, adventure, museums and wild nature, especially mountains.

Hopefully I will publish my makes soon!

Me in Madrid, my beloved city

Hi there, I´m learning, sewing and showing here

I have restarted sewing lately and it takes a lot of time to release a new project, but I am striving to achieve a decent level and became a confident seamstress. I´m also struggling with this wordpress-ish thing that kills me. It is what it is. I hope to improve, maybe not so fast, but the hope remains.

Hello, welcome in my sewing realm, I hope you will find here something interesing. I invite you to comment and share your thoughts on sewing, fabrics and patterns with me :)

I have restarted sewing lately and it takes quite a while to finish a project and release a new garment. I make mistakes, rip and stitch, but still hope to achieve a decent level and became a confident seamstress. I´m also struggling with this wordpress-ish thing that makes my website a bit messy, but I hope to improve it too.

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